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The Digital Media program this year will be limited to one course: Digital Media I because I have added a CCP speech course for seniors completing ENGL 1105. For those taking 1101, the digital media course will feature multimodal storytelling, including podcasting and video storytelling. as well as some game theory and production. Other projects include the development of digital escape room puzzles for subject-specific classroom application and experimentation with new apps for academic and entertainment purposes. All projects will be posted to individual student websites and the high school website. Please contact me if you have any questions. 

Plans & New Information

National Honor Society

National Honor Society Induction of junior members will be held Friday, April 22, 2022 at 9:30 am in the high school gym.  Our hope is that we will be able to host all family members, but we will have to follow the rules and guidelines from the state health department. 


Below you will find the organization's handbook that includes detailed information on the four pillars of the society.


What You Need to Know - Now


AI Assistants

 Artificial Intelligence is the future. However, today and for the next five years, emphasis in businesses will be on using this technology as an aide rather than replacement of key personnel roles. Algorithmic decision-making poses ethical dilemmas that are still being debated by governments and businesses alike.

  Integration will be the focus in jobs like journalism, where AI will complete investigative tasks, freeing up reporters to work more efficiently in the field and take on more complex topics. 

  With data and templates,  automated writing to create summaries and store them in cloud databases will be the primary jobs for AI in business.

Source: Deleuse, A. (2019). The Future of Media: Key Trends for 2019 and Beyond. Business Wire. 

Credit Assessment

Monetizing Information

  Consumers both want and need to find trustworthy, objective news and are willing to pay for premium options. Much like streaming movies, streaming news outlets will offer more in-depth analysis and information at a cost. 

  In addition, big business sees your  data as their data to sell all or part to other businesses, and more companies are  uploading this data to the cloud, so data science and analysis will play an enormous role going forward.

  New career choices in digital media will certainly be driven by data manipulation - the protection and storage of it as well as the monetization.

Source: Iverson, H. K. (2020). What to Expect in Data and Analytics in 2020. TDWI. 

Digital social media

Digital Media Jobs Focus: Influencer Marketing

  Influencer marketing is a growing and constantly evolving career choice for communications majors, as well as marketing majors. Individuals who host blogs and podcasts with a significant number of followers will find themselves popular candidates for branding opportunities with companies. 

  Analysis of marketing trends predicts that emphasis will be less on celebrities and more on micro-influencers (individuals that have between 1,000 to 1,000,000 followers/audience members and are considered experts in their fields). Check out this article if you are interested in this growing career.

Source: Anderson, M. (2019). What Are Micro-Influencers & Why Are They So Effective? IMPACT. 

tools of the trade

video production

While you may have created videos for fun, a more professional job requires a little more planning and style, not to mention a bit of technical know-how. 


So you have a great story: compelling, socially relevant, not to mention entertaining. How can you make it special without paying an arm and a leg? How about some free tools?


Podcasting includes a range of recording options that depend largely on topic and audience. But, the basic setup + having the right equipment can make it easy. 


Your group will decide on a product to sell online and create a commercial that will appeal to the target consumer. Before your group decides on a product, read the attached article linked below.

Red Chairs

“It’s not about you. It’s about your audience, and if they’re not listening, it’s your fault, not theirs.”

McCleese, paraphrased from Steve Jobs.


According to the Ohio Department of Education, students who graduate from high school should possess more than basic digital skills and knowledge. This course will cover most of the Ohio standards for grades 9-12, omitting those that specify the use of technology we do not currently have.

Jason Brown, a Worldwide Microsoft Student Ambassador In 2016, offers a student view of the uses of technology in education, specifically in the classroom.

Source: Tedx Talks. [Jason Brown]. (2016 March 29). Redefining Learning & Teaching using Technology. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Make Your Website!

I chose Wix because of its simplicity. For beginning website developers, Wix offers a ‘drag and drop’ feature that will also make the development of a website far more time efficient.

Students: After you choose your design and content, and become familiar with the program, you will move to the advanced editor and make more complex design choices.

Source: Wix. (2019 July 24). Wix Tutorial For Beginners 2019 Create A Wix Website In Minutes. [Video file]. Retrieved from 

Digital Storytelling

First semester focused on ‘audience’ as the KEY element to a successful essay. I’m here to tell you, it’s not over. The focus is still your audience, and Matt Chan, creator of the TV series “Hoarders,” explains why.

Another resource we will use in creating digital stories can be found here, a website at the University of Houston. This website delineates the seven basic elements of digital storytelling and goes into detail on the uses of the practice.

Source: TEDx Talks. [Matt Chan]. What Great Storytellers Know: Matt Chan at TEDxSeattle. [Video file]. Retrieved from