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This course is designed to prepare students for the types of thinking and writing they will be expected to do at the college level. Heavy on critical thinking, this course develops student ability to analyze both social media and literary works for quality as well as message, as media literacy is already a necessary skill they need to navigate the 21st century.

This course offers students the opportunity to analyze world literature as it impacts modern society. From Beowulf to Macbeth to Brave New World, students will follow common themes in Western civilization and consider how those works impact our lives today. This course emphasizes student analysis of writer's purpose as well as influence. Research and writing are emphasized.

This course is an introduction to college composition. Students practice responding appropriately to different types of rhetorical situations, writing in various genres, and critiquing discourse. Students will learn to research and document their work in appropriate formats. First-semester composition is a required, three-credit-hour component of the General Education Program at Shawnee State University.

This course is an introduction to argumentation and composition. Students will gain familiarity with the conventions of usage, jargon, format, and documentation in academic disciplines. Typically, this course is the second of two required English courses from Shawnee State University

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