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As of January 2021, I have completed 30.5 years of teaching. For most of those years, I’ve taught high school AP and College Prep English, but occasionally, I’ve been assigned a journalism or technology course as an elective. 

In 2005, I completed a master’s degree in Technology and am in the process of completing an additional master’s in Rhetoric and Writing at University of Findlay.  Last year, I added one College Credit Plus cowriting course, and this year, I've added a second. Both ENGL 1101 and 1105, College English III, and digital media courses comprise my schedule. 

A little about me: I love cats and books - prerequisites for English teachers - and video games. Earning my college degrees has given me the confidence and wherewithal to live the life I choose, and I hope my students see that education is a lifetime endeavor, but also a means to living life well. I do what I want and I'm happy because I surround myself with what I love. I suggest you do the same.


As much as people have bemoaned remote learning, I have enjoyed creating a new style of teaching that will add dimension to in-person learning when we return to school. I believe you have to adapt to challenges and changes - and keep learning your entire life. I'm not afraid to say I don't know something, but I'm willing to learn. Those are lessons I've learned from important people in my life: my students. 



January 2021