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Calling All Students!

Colleges look at your record of community service and take it just as seriously as they do your school activities - and in some cases, they value service as much as your grades.

Being active in your community shows that you care about people and issues that affect them and that you are capable of taking on responsibilities and seeing them through. 

A number of places in Scioto and Pike counties need people for a wide variety of activities. Seniors in nursing homes or hospice need visitors; local veterinarians and animal shelters need basic provisions like newspapers, food, old towels, etc...and even volunteers to clean cages or groom animals. There are countless ways to help out! 

Volunteering not only helps others but also makes us feel good at the same time, so what are you waiting for???
2017-2018 National Honor Society Officers
President: Sarah Cunningham
Vice-President: Ryan Higbee
Treasurer: Marissa Risner
Secretary: Erin Daniels
Historian: Logan Boston

Members of National Honor Society will begin a new community project in September called Seniors Adopting Seniors. 

The project pairs senior students with senior residents at the Minford Retirement Center. This project will serve multiple purposes, the first of which is to enable students to be of service to elderly residents of Minford, OH. One of the goals of MHS Honor Society is to engage in creating an ongoing sense of community and to foster connections across various ages and interests. 

Another objective fulfilled by this project is to reach out to members of the community to foster a sense of common purpose. Eventually, NHS plans to provide outreach to elderly residents in their homes to enable them to maintain their quality of life instead of being forced into nursing facilities too soon.